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  1. Nathanh2150

    Local breeders of Discus in Norwich

    Hi, All I’m looking to see if anyone knows any local breeders in Norwich that have discus for sale maybe a pair of some baby discus for sale unfortunately it will have to be located in Norwich as I don’t drive so would have to be local collection any help would be much appreciated
  2. Nathanh2150

    Discus setup advice

    Hi all, I have a brand new setup and looking to start keeping discus Iv kept many species of fish but gonna be new to keeping discus. They will have a hole tank to themselves with some alge eaters maybe a zebra pleco at some stage. I have a Evolution Aquascaper 900 Biomaster thermo 600 Co2...
  3. Harry H

    Discus, the king of the aquarium!

    Hi All, Thought of starting an active thread for the people who are currently keeping Discus or kept before and have valuable experiences to share. So, lets get going. Hands up please! :wave: H.
  4. D

    Dwarf gourami and discus

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to know if people thought paring dwarf Gouramis and discus as tankmates would be a good idea. Aquarium temp is 28 degrees Celsius so it would (acording to what I age read would mean they would be at summer breading temperatures). Many people however say they have kept...
  5. D

    Unruly Discus Behavior

    Hi all Bit naughty of me to be asking a question like this on a plant forum, my apologies in advance. In my 55 gallon tank, I currently keep 5 discus, one of which was only recently added. They are very well fed (stendker good heart, tetra prima pellets and occasional bloodworm) One of them...
  6. akbar19942k10

    New to Reverse Osmosis

    Hi guys, I'm from London and I'm planning to pick up a RO unit from Osmostic UK for my German Blue Rams and Discus hardscape only setup. I'm currently in limbo as to whether to pick up the 3 stage freshwater unit without the deionising chamber or whether to go for the full monty 4 stage unit...
  7. HannahFergusonFan

    Tankmate suggestions for Rummynose tetras

    Hello I have a 29G tank heavily planted, I am looking for a Tank mates more like a center piece fish with my 15 Rummynose tetras I planned to get discus but they are quite large, betta fish always stays top and too mainstream. all sugestions are welcome. I might end up buying 2-3 Small Discuss...
  8. KipperSarnie

    Woo-Hoo, Happy Chappy!

    Six Peruvian Wild Green Discus arrived this morning & are settling in to their new home! At the moment the lights are down but once settled I'll post some pictures! (Huh! Just try stopping me!)
  9. KipperSarnie

    Is keeping fish in bare tanks an act of cruelty?

    I can't help feeling keeping fish in bare tanks is the same cruelty practised by zoo's back in the 50's & 60's where animals were kept in small cages without stimulation "For their own good"! "It's easier to maintain & keep them free from disease" I'm told but did not the same argument apply to...
  10. James Fawkes

    600 litre Low Tech Discus Tank

    Hi there, I recently finished setting up my big tank! It still needs a few more discus but it's looking pretty good (I think). It was originally filled 4 months ago with established filter media and stocking has gradually increased from tetras and corys to a fully fledged discus tank...
  11. P

    CO2 flow

    Hi, My tank measures 150 x 60 x 45 cm, and contains about 350 litres. It is lit by 3 85w T5s, with reflectors. The filter is an Eheim 2076, which is rated at 1650 litres/hour. The spray bar is at one of the short ends of the tank, about 15 cm below the waterline, with the holes pointing...
  12. J

    16 dKH Discus?

    What do you guys think? Is it possible to keep discus in 16 degrees KH water? Has anyone done it? If youve kept it in hard water can you say how hard (KH and/or GH). They would probably be UK bred. It would also be a planted tank. Im really looking for some evidence.
  13. Chris25

    Picking up discus

    Hi all! I'm going away for the weekend (3 hours drive away) and have found 10 minutes drive from where I'm staying some nice discus for sale. It seemed like fate!!! I'm coming home on the Monday and the guy who is selling them is not available just before I leave as he's working away. So my...
  14. David Glavin

    Silica Sand

    Hi everyone, New to the forum and wondering if I have already made a mistake, last month I set up my RIO 240 with the intention of it being a planted discus tank, I bought a 1400l per hour external with a uv light from all pond and it's been cycling since. However the tank came with some silver...
  15. dmachado

    EndorFeena 300L planted aquarium

    This week I terminated my almost 4 year 150L project: ...and moved on to a bigger planted aquarium for discus, with mineralized bonsai soil substrate, calcium carbonate rocks and LED lighting, here are some photos: I used water from the smaller aquarium as well as "dirty" filter...
  16. krazypara3165

    First Journal - A beginners insight to the south americas! *now with updated pics!*

    As some of you may have noticed i have been pestering everyone for answers recently and i thought i would update everyone on whats going on! So last week i had a delivery of my first 'proper' aquarium' i have a fluval edge but do not really consider it to be in the same league and will be...