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dutch aquascaping

  1. N

    First Dutch Style

    Hello everyone! I have 60 liter cube aquarium from super fish (40x40x40). I would like to make colorful dutch style aquarium. The aquarium has HOB(?) filter something like this Qubiq 60 Filterhuis Zwart Superfish, I removed all cartridges and put there fine sponge. Would like to use denerle...
  2. Nont

    Critique my aquascape My Dutch-ish Scape

    Hi guys, I started this dutch-ish tank 2 months ago the tank was inspired by Greggz tank and Libba 60p. And I would like to know you guys’s opinions on it and if there any plants I should remove. The tank have been doing quite well at the time of typing this and is now free of algae, thanks to...
  3. DutchMuch

    Hey there- From Georgia (U.S)

    Howdy UKAPS Members, Some may know me from other forums, particularly APC since I'm a talkative member on there. I have been stalking UKAPS for some years now but never joined because I figured everyone was in the UK but recently I saw Nicpapa and Nigel over here as well as some other members...