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Hey there- From Georgia (U.S)


6 Aug 2018
Hartwell, GA (U.S.)
Howdy UKAPS Members,
Some may know me from other forums, particularly APC since I'm a talkative member on there. I have been stalking UKAPS for some years now but never joined because I figured everyone was in the UK but recently I saw Nicpapa and Nigel over here as well as some other members and took the jump.
Currently I'm moving so I dont have pics of my 40b Dutch (WIP) from TODAY but I have pics from yesterday and the day before.
Just did a small re-scape on it so plz spare me lol.

Before small re-scape: (2 days ago)

And a current pic from yesterday, added rotala mac and pantanal:

I eventually plan on making a journal on here, but I'm currently to busy so until then here is a plant list for you all and ill start from back left -> front left -> so on so forth in that zig zag pattern. (bottom pic)
  • Pearlweed
  • Ludwigia 'mini super red'
  • Lagenandra meeboldii 'Red'
  • dwarf lobelia cardinalis
  • Eleocharis 'mini'
  • Rotala Rotundfolia
  • Blyxa japonica
  • Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Pantanal'
  • Rotala Mac (just the standard variety)
  • Rotala indica 'true'
  • Cryptocoryne balansae
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii 'bronze'
  • Rotala Vietnam
  • Limnophila aromatica
As for equipment im running a simple eheim surface skimmer, a hydor professional 350 with glass Lily pipes, and a standard heater. The tank has external pressurized Co2, with a GLA atomic diffuser as well as a drop checker.
There is no hardscape in the tank other than that obvious piece of cholla wood and its only in there for the shrimp.
The inhabitants are:
  • 10 Celebes rainbows (8 now since 2 disappeared over months)
  • Sakura fire red cherries
  • Assassin snails
  • A dash of ember tetras (6)
  • 2 Twig catfish
  • Unknown amount of pygmy cories (9+ since they bred on accident)
  • chopstick snails
  • nerite
  • pest snails
  • 1 black mollie
Any questions feel free to ask, glad to be here 🙂