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  1. C

    Hello everyone.

    Hi, started fish keeping a while ago with nano tanks which eventually ended up in buying a 5ft tank for South american cichlids.. couple months later moved onto a 4ft tank high tech with the tenancy to change scapes as often as I could... Currently got a 4ft rimless optiwhite with a diy...
  2. Nont

    Low-tech stem plants recommendation?

    Any low-tech stem plants recommended for low tech dutch scape?
  3. WaterCulture

    17L Dutch Style Nano Aquascape

    Hi everyone. id like to direct you towards our YouTube channel where we do 12 week long series (The current one is the step by step of a dutch style nano aquarium) we also upload regular shorts on the various fish and plants that we keep, We also have a poll on the channel for ideas for the...
  4. DutchMuch

    TryHard Dutch Aquascape (Ukaps Edition!)

    Hey there guys welcome to my journal, I figured i'd make one on here since I have one on just about every other forum. I am currently in the progress of creating a Dutch Aquascape, this of course is a work in progress as I am currently working on dialing down fertilization methods that are on...
  5. DutchMuch

    Hey there- From Georgia (U.S)

    Howdy UKAPS Members, Some may know me from other forums, particularly APC since I'm a talkative member on there. I have been stalking UKAPS for some years now but never joined because I figured everyone was in the UK but recently I saw Nicpapa and Nigel over here as well as some other members...
  6. paulharris

    My 680 Dutch tank

    Final full tank shot: Title: Dutch 680 litres Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 2 feet CO2: about 12ppm via an external reactor Filtration: 2 x ehiem canister filters Lights: 5 x 85w t5 tubes Photo Period: Growlux 10 hours then 2 x 8 hours + 2 x 4hours Fertilisation: Dry fert solution alternate days...
  7. Pedro Rosa

    Going Dutch by the book - tank sponsored by Tropica

    2015 tanks are over (still have a final picture and video for post on Dark Land)!!! Holidays are over… just like I read on Facebook today: “September is the Monday of the Year” … so let’s start to work on something new. For me it’s really something new: a Dutch Tank by the rules… or so i...
  8. Harplow

    My first time

    juwel vision 450 lt planted out November 2014 , took this Jan 2015

    240l Dutch/Nature Aquarium

    Hello, my name is dan and i think its finally time to stop being so lazy and start my journal. Ive had various tanks for the past 8 years and learnt alot from this and other forums! I currently have a 240l tank which im finally able to say is working without any problems apart fom its to small...
  10. Phil Edwards

    2014 AGA Aquascaping Contest to include a Dutch category

    At long last, after quite a number of requests, and some work, it's finally here. We're happy to announce that the 2014 AGA International Aquascaping Contest will be including a separate category specifically for Dutch aquascapes. Please see the AGA Facebook page or the Home/News page at...
  11. JohnKoncz

    Pandora (120P Dutch Style)

    Hello Everybody! My name is John Koncz, and I'm from Hungary. My first nature planted tank is just about to start! I've been collecting knowledge and technical stuff for the past 6 months. It's been crazy, because I'm usually super impatient, but this time I knew I have to wait. Technical data...