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240l Dutch/Nature Aquarium


31 Oct 2014
Hello, my name is dan and i think its finally time to stop being so lazy and start my journal.
Ive had various tanks for the past 8 years and learnt alot from this and other forums!

I currently have a 240l tank which im finally able to say is working without any problems apart fom its to small and the dimensions can be a nightmare. I have tried various differnet methods and equipment but have finally got everything working together.

Tank Stats

Juwel Rio 240l 120x41x55
Ati sunpower dimmable 4x54w currently running 11 hours a day with max power at 70%
2 x giessemann midday 1x aquaflora 1x jbl solar natur ultra
Sun sun 304b 2000lph with spray bar connected to co2 reactor
2x ehiem 2213 440lph
hydor koralia nano 1600
2kg co2 bottle
jbl regulator, (need to upgrade)
aqua medic reactor
substrate is jbl manado with aqua basis underneath
Ei dosing but with EuDrakon n as Nitrogen source because i cant get hold of KN03 here in germany.


Anubias Nana
Anubias barteri
Crypt wendtii brown
Java fern
Java fern narrow leaf
Java Moss
Rotala Green
Rotala Macandra
Rotala rotundifolia
Rotala Brevipes
Ludwigia Repens red
Pogostemon erectus
Pogostemon helferi

Red Removed
Rotala wallichii
Alternanthera reineckii mini

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea
Myriophyllum tuberculatum


Blue Gourami x2
Harlequin Rasbora x1
black skirt tetra x5
red phantom tetra x5
Siamese Algae Eater x3
Otocinclus macrospilus x4
julii corys x3

a few pics:



New Layout







Sorry for The Quality, There with my phone camera and photography is not my strong point.

Regards Dan
Thanks guys, got Some recent photos from tonight just waiting for them to upload on my computer, from the wifes phone tho, so not the best quality. plus my pic skills leaves alot to be desired lol :snaphappy::)

Going to have to lend the real camera from my mother inlaw!:)
Few plants to be replaced nextweek. Riccia is finally going because it grows to fast and is becoming a PITA, being replaced with Blyxa Japonica. the Pogostemon helferi is getting replaced with staurogyne repens or Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (Micro Sword) not sure yet, and the large java fern is getting replaced with Rotala Bonsai? (ammannia bonsai) What you think?
Well that's a stunning growth and collection of plants. I'm having very little luck with my LB still love it just no growth. Saying that no decay or algae so there's still hope! For you I think it will be a good grower as you seem to have things going well... Will defianately be following now as I'm really curious how you get on with LB. My echinodorus Tenellus grows like a weed...
There is such a diversity of plants textures and all super healthy!
About the ammania bonsai, I really like the left hand java fern and think that should defo stay, although I wouldn't miss the one on the right as it is amongst many other plants.
Personally I really like pogostemon helferi, perhaps it is not growing well due to being overshadowed by the cryptocoryne?
The downoi is still in good shape, albeit slow growth due to the overshadowing from the cyrpts, but I like it like that as it is now not a time consuming plant! ;)

The java fern on the left has been there for a while and it's just time for a change! :nailbiting:But if I don't like the ammania bonsai or it doesn't fill in the gap well then the fern will be going right back in!
So just ordered tropica1 2 grow (ammania bonsai) to replace the java fern! Looking forward to see how that's going to work out?! Also just ordered aqua rebel special n and flow grow to try out, apparently some people are having good results with it!
There are a lot of old school filled out and colourful scapes around at them moment and this is another one :) Looks superb and lush too. You must love sitting in front of it and just watching.
Thanks supercoley1, the tank sits by itself in the living room, so I get plenty of time to stare at it!:) I have always found the typical old school Dutch aquascapes to be amazing, but the next tank is defo goin to be more natural (Amano) style!
So ive replaced the Java fern with ammania bonsai (tropica 1 2 grow) looking forward to See how well that gets on( so far so good)
Also replaced Most of the riccia with 10 stems of blyxa japonica. Also got some new foam for the one filter and added another 900lph power head!
Will try and add some pics tomorrow!