1. jaypeecee

    Echinodorus bleheri - slow growth

    Hi Folks, My E. bleheri is growing very slowly. Generally, it is in good condition. The new leaves are a lush green but I was hoping for faster growth. The tank is brightly lit but, sadly, I have no measured PAR readings. I use CO2 injection to achieve a CO2 concentration of 25 - 30ppm. I have...
  2. Aqua Essentials

    Fantastic XXL Plants ON SALE

    These are the largest plants available, in stock and ON SALE! Limited stocks, but here's the first one
  3. Aqua Essentials

    The big surprise

    This plant is a real surprise. Looks pretty ordinary until... You place it in your aquarium Try it out and see for yourself
  4. Aqua Essentials

    Red is the new green

    WOW - this plant really looks INCREDIBLE once it becomes submerged. Red is the new green for sure. See it now
  5. wijnands

    Echinodorus Angustifolia flowers and seed?

    Hi all. I'm growing Echinodorus Angustifolia emersed in a storage jar. At least that's what it was sold as. See on this pic in the middle below the wood DSC_7530 by j_wijnands, on Flickr Since it's been in the jar it's growing steadily and flowering constantly with tiny delicate flowers. Is...
  6. Phillip Macken

    Echinodorus problem.

    I added these to my tank about 2-3 weeks back and now they have gone and done this. This happened over the course of about 2-3 days and despite my best efforts I can't get them to come back. The roots have dug in well to the substrate and I have high light and use Easy-Live Easycarbo and other...
  7. Aqua Essentials

    There's a new Echinodorus in town

    Check this beauty out Echinodorus red wild grass
  8. Aqua Essentials

    Have you seen these Mother Plants

    Aquadip have sent us some whoppers. Echinodorus Argentinensis. You can see the normal sized pot at the front and the rather large Mother Plants behind. They just don't get any better than this
  9. Aqua Essentials

    Giant echinodorus radicans

    They're about 24" tall. If you want them we have a few left. Massive leaves too (check my twitter feed for images) Pretty special - the biggest I have ever seen Would look fabulous in a larger open top tank
  10. Ian Holdich

    The bowl

    I have decided to overthrow the kitchen nano again after the little puffer died last week. I wanted to try something a little different, and have seen a couple of scapes like this in the past. So here goes... One clean P@H nano cube (15l) IMG_3291 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr the base filled...