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ecotech radion led

  1. N

    Sumped Cube

    now its not going to be a hardscape that appeals to all, esp with the addition of the Bristol Bear. But its a family tank in a family room, so design by committee. with a very opinionated client in a 2 and 4 year old. so that’s how I have rose quartz a a nice dense lump, that in my mind looks...
  2. Lauris

    "The shadows of Mordor"

    As a great fan of Middle-earth stories and the mystery tales about the Land of Shadows, Orcs, Trolls and mighty wizards, gained my inspiration and decided work trough it in my next project. The tricky part will be the composition. The goal is to work towards "negative composition" with the...
  3. Jose Duarte

    9 3/4 platform journey

    Hiya all, So, I've just decided to setup a planted aquarium, however due to a history of medium/larger size reefs that I've maintained in the past (with all the work/stress load that it placed in my wife), I was "suggested" that if a new aquarium was going to enter our place should be...