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  1. Fissure

    GUIDE #2: Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With AquaMedic ReefDoser 4

    Hi everyone, lurker here and my first post, thought I could add my guide previously posted at the plantedtank here. It's an alternative to the other Auto Dosing Guide for the Jebao. This guide has been tried on the Aquamedic Reefdoser 4. It is basically the same doser as the Jebao Auto Dosing...
  2. Luis Batista

    Help with my E.I dosing

    Hi My tank have about 100L and im dosing 60ml weekly divided in 20ml every other day. WC of 50% each week. For Micros i use APFUK’s Chelated Trace Elements on 12g to 400ml water to dose 20ml every other day. My criptos are showing curled leaves and my alternanthera reineckii 'pink' also...
  3. A

    Can I does all EI in one go?

    Hello, Just got my first batch of salts etc to start dosing Ei. Problem is I'm going to uni, and don't want to leave someone to does specific things on specific days - so I was just wondering whether there was a problem with dosing everything in one go at the start of the week? Only...