floruish excel

  1. M

    Use pressurised CO2 and liquid together?

    Hi there - I'm hoping to get some advice on using both pressurised CO2 while also dosing a liquid CO2 such as Seachem Excel? I remember reading somewhere that some people did this to help with algae control, in particular brown hair algae (which is something that I've had issues with in the...
  2. BenjP

    Staghorn and trimming H. pinnatifida: how much is too much?

    Hi all, I recently had a cheap Wilko plug timer conk out on me, resulting in my Co2 running 24hrs a day for what must have been the best part of a week. I've replaced the faulty timer, but unsurprisingly I'm now facing Co2-related algae issues in the form of a particularly nasty staghorn...
  3. Jaydip

    20 G excel based planted tank

    Tank Specs- Tank size- 30" X 12" X 12",(20 USG approx.) Substrate-Ada amazonia aqua siol (12li) CO2 -Excel(Initially 1.5 ml daily now reduced to 1 ml daily) Light - 2* 36 watts PLL (later reduced to 1 *18 W PLL and 1 * 36 W PLL) for 6-7 hrs daily Filter- Internal power filter Dosing- Macro (six...