1. CooKieS

    Ada 60F -go with the flow- nature aquarium

    Hi there, New tank, new journal! Specs: ada 60f Eheim ecco pro 130 Jbl u500 + do aqua music glass Chihiros aquasky Hardscape: Spider wood Black scale stone Ada Gravel + la plata sand Tropica soil+pouzzo Plant list (soon): any suggestions welcome! Eleocharis sp mini Staurogyne Repense...
  2. hitmanx

    The Celestial Swamp - A voyage through a flooded forest fringe (Shallow Riparium)

    Well one year into planted tanks, I felt that I had to build a riparium after seeing some spectacular examples over the years by people on both sides of the pond... My first attempt has been very successful and has been a great learning experience, but it's diminutive size is lacking in the awe...
  3. Curvball

    A forest unnamed - Fluval F35

    Hi all, Since getting my fingers green with the idea of planted aquariums I have now embarked on my 1st proper full blown aquascape project. Tank: Fluval F35 Filter: Fluval 205 Heater: Fluval 50w Lighting: Fluval nano led unit CO2: to be determined Substrate: cat litter plus some pewter sand...
  4. Dan Crawford

    Groundland - Shallow Aquascape

    Hi Folks, it's bout time you had a journal from me! Well, it's not much of a journal because the aquascape is almost finished but here's the journey so far….. Last year I set up an awful lot of tanks and the lead up to Aquatics Live was a very busy time. Consequently after the show was over I...