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free fish

  1. Sara_Notfors

    Help! Free Laetacara curviceps to Edinburgh residents!

    Hi, In the late summer I purchased what I thought was a pair of smiling acara (Laetacara curviceps), but it turns out one is a red breasted Accra (Laetacara dorsigera). When they were first added they bred almost immediately, but were unsuccessful. They tried a few more times, but nothing came...
  2. I

    Free Amano shrimp in Devon

    As posted in the fish section we have about 8 amano shrimp and about 30 white cloud mountain minnows to be rid of. Males and females (some regularly berried) South Devon area (Buckfastleigh) you can also peruse the mountain of equipment we seem to have accrued, but I'll list all that in the...
  3. I

    Free Mountain Minnows in Devon

    Hi, Finally giving up the hobby, fascinating and wondrous though it is, Neither myself or my daughter have the time for it, and now we are moving house. So, some lucky person has the chance to relieve us of around 8 amano shrimp and about 30 white cloud mountain minnows. South Devon area...