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  1. mmccannon

    All the way from Hungary

    Hi there, My name is Mary Remete (please don't try to pronounce that, 'cause you're going to end up in an ER with a twisted tongue), but all over the world people associate me with my nick, mmccannon, which is the short version of my artistic name Mary McCannon. I was born in the United States...
  2. viktorlantos

    Scaper's Day - Hungary

    Cheers guys, i am sorry i was a bit inactive in the past months. Things are busy around me and i do have less time to be everywhere. But i thought i share one of the thing we organized in the past months. We do love contests and we love community events. Last year the Thai scaping event...
  3. viktorlantos

    Dragon minimal 90P

    Cheers guys. Not had a journal for a long time, but i hope this isn't a problem if i will post one or 2 around these days. Maybe helpful for some as i also got a lot of inspiration here too. This tank was rescaped a few days ago. 90P opti white 90x45x45 Filter: Eheim 2075, Eheim Skim 350...