1. lovelife

    Is my DIY LED setup low/mid/high?

    I have a 40 liter tank. I made a DIY setup using three cheap GU10 LEDs from Ebay. Each bulb is supposed to have these characteristics: - cool/pure white 6000-6500K - 500-550 lumen - 6W I was under the impression that this light is more then adequate to grow plants. I though I have a medium to...
  2. tmiravent

    GU10 LED in the water!

    Today was not a very lucky day.:( I took out one of my GU10 Led to take some measures but it was alive and jump out of my hand!:what: Directly to the water. What can i say: - GU10 doesn't float, that's for shore! I grab it from the bottom of the tank and dry the best that i could. I took out...
  3. iPlantTanks

    Welcome to the Jungle

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the UKAPS forum but I consider myself a devoted fish and plant keeper. Anyway here's my main tank, 95 litre open top Jungle layout, powered by 20W's of GU10 LED and injected with pressurized CO2. Home to numerous community fish and a few red cherry shrimp, about...