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  1. E

    Dosing hydrogen peroxide H2O2 with dosing pumps and diffuser?

    Hi guys, after seeing how Chihiros / Twinstar and Söchtinger Oxydator work, then I got the idea about why not dose H2O2 with a dosing pump in small quantities so with an difuser so this, AFAIK you will oxygenate the water and will also apply the Oxydator as the Söchtinger Oxydator and also will...
  2. oscarlloydjohn

    H2O2 dip recipe

    Anyone have a recipe for a Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O2 dip? I want to kill some Cladophora that I got in on a Buce recently. There seems to be a lot of contrasting info out there! Cheers
  3. oscarlloydjohn

    Safe bleach for bleach dip

    I realise a Potassium Permanganate dip or H2O2 dip would be safer for my Buce but I don't have any on hand and H2O2 is really hard to get in the UK. What kind of bleach do you guys use for bleach dips? I was thinking Tesco or Asda basic value bleach. I saw George Farmer use the Tesco value...
  4. J

    Hope not just another H2O2 question.

    Hi everyone. I was just wondering..... In a high tech tank....we are doing weekly water changes to lower the organic matter and whichever substance is being produced by the plants and fish right?. Couldnt we use H2O2 to oxidize these substances and be able to skip water changes to some point. I...