1. C

    Kitchen Nano

    Greetings , my name is Cristian , I am 32 years old , I am from Romania , used to live in UK for the last 11 years but returned home 2 years ago. I have kept fishes just for fun , experimenting by myself with all kinds of scapes. Today i will present my curent tank. - Ciano Nexus Pure 25 l (all...
  2. akbar19942k10

    New to Reverse Osmosis

    Hi guys, I'm from London and I'm planning to pick up a RO unit from Osmostic UK for my German Blue Rams and Discus hardscape only setup. I'm currently in limbo as to whether to pick up the 3 stage freshwater unit without the deionising chamber or whether to go for the full monty 4 stage unit...
  3. AKD594

    Hardscape - Wood and rocks - when do and don't they work

    Planning a 'scape. Just curious about hardscape - particularly the use of wood and rocks together. I've always been more a fan of wood and have read in some places that you are better of using one or the other. However I've seen the combination work well in numerous tanks. My questions are...
  4. Ryan Young

    Choosing rocks for a hardscape, help?

    Im planning on doing a 200 liter aquascape and need rocks for the hardscape. I have done a planted tank with some rocks I bought from an aquatic store but was wondering if I could go out foraging for them rather than paying £50+ for the amount I need. I tried to find out from my local aquatic...
  5. B

    Hardscape for 60cm tank

    I am planning to set up 60cm tank an iwagumi style.I would like to get some opinion on my hardscape. 1. 2. 3. 4. Any comment and critic would be appreciated Tank Size: 60x45x45 optiwhite Ligthing: LED DIY 50watt Filtration: Eheim 2217 Flora: HC cuba or Montecarlo