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Cristian Pavel

16 Mar 2020
city Targoviste , county Dambovita
Greetings , my name is Cristian , I am 32 years old , I am from Romania , used to live in UK for the last 11 years but returned home 2 years ago. I have kept fishes just for fun , experimenting by myself with all kinds of scapes. Today i will present my curent tank.
- Ciano Nexus Pure 25 l (all stock equipment)
- substrate - fine white sand
- hardscape - Dragon stones
- plants - marimo moss ball taken apart.
- fishes - 4 neons and 1 panda cory ( had 5 neons but one jumped , and 3 corys but they passed away unfortunately)

This scape is a very simple one , very clean one from my point of view , the maintanance doesn't take that long (i dont really have a lot of time to spare due to my work) , and i love the hardscape.
For the future I'm considering in changing the substrate with some aquabasis one first, and on top of that some black 2-3 mm sand , so i could start planting... maybe a co2 sistem as well,depends on my budget. But for sure i would like to plant more especially in the back and some carpeting in the front. Not sure what kind of plants to use with this hardscape , so any sugestion more than welcome.
Thank you , and I am glad to be a part of your comunity.



Very cool hardscape! Looks good as it is. The moss balls aren't looking to vibrant but that's maybe just the light? I think really small stem plants like micranthemum umbrosum could look good in the background and Hemianthus callitrichoides 'cuba' and Monte Carlo in the foreground. Mayne some fine textured moss like Fisssidens fontanus and riccardia as well as some of the really small varieties of bucephalandra growing on the rocks.
The moss doesn't look good at all , i think it might be poor lighting on wich this tank comes with. I am afraid it's not good led quality. If i have in plan to plant HC Cuba or Monte carlo i will need a better lamp for sure. Thank you all for the feedback.
Right , so a litlle update , 90% of the moss I had to remove it ...for some reason is not doing well in my tank. I am suspecting the lighting of this kit. The water is cristal clear , ph around 7 , fishes are doing great ... no ideea what else... Maybe because I have cutted from his ball form and made it like this, could that affect it? Anyways I am triyng to save it like you see in the photo.
P.S. : I am not using co2 , no ferts , no nothing ...