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led aquarium lights

  1. algae_connoisseur

    Chihiros vivid 2 and red plants @ George farmer

    Hi all, firstly, George if you are reading this I researched this light and others similar to it and made my decision. The review video you posted had a small sway on this decision so I do not hold responsible at all for my issue in any way, but I’m hoping you or someone may have the key. I...
  2. Crazy_Walrus

    DIY Led strip lighting?

    Is there a way to use LED strip kits you can pick up on amazon for a DIY planted tank light? My tank is currently running CO2 and an interpet tri spec LED light. I have advanced plants in this tank and want to make sure they get the light they need (i daily dose ferts made for high tech...
  3. Conort2

    Twinstar s series

    Hi Thinking about upgrading my chihiros rgb and getting a twinstar s series. Before I go spend a load on a new light just wanted to hear people's feed back who already have this light. Is the colour rendition really as good as the videos and pics show? How is the spread? That's the main issue...
  4. Paul Ellis

    Changing lighting from a fish tank to a planted tank

    Hi my name is Paul Ellis and I've just joined UKAPS. I have a fluval vincenzia 180 litre tank with two 24W flourescents. I'm hoping to turn the tank into a planted tank with some fish and I'm trying to sort out the lighting. My current lighting gives me under 1 watt per gallon and so I'm looking...
  5. Neil EFC

    Light Ideas for an aqua nano 40

    Hi i currently have an aqua-nano 40 aquarium with the stock 18 watt pfl bulb which only seems to grow anubias and java fern. I want to start growing medium light plants but don't want to go down the C02 route. I was thinking of buying the boyu 3 x 8 watt t5 light but not sure if this would be...
  6. BexHaystack

    LED advice needed for low tech 60L cube

    Hello all, I’m a new comer to the planted aquarium – I used to work in the lfs when I was a teenager and had a 200L tank with a pair of Oscars and a few choice catfish, very few plants (and they were yellow and covered in algae) but that was 15 years ago in South Africa and the hobby has...
  7. Y

    LED's or Metal Halides

    I'm starting a new tank 120cm by 60cm tall by 45cm wide. I have always used metal halides in the past, and found them excellent for plant growth (I use them in conjunction with pressurised co2 and ei dosing). I've heard so much about LED's, and am wondering if I should switch to them. Any...
  8. Piotr Kaleta

    New ADA LED pendant light unit coming in 2016

    I found this litlle info http://www.aquarevue.jp/topics-detail/31/
  9. Will.P

    Noobie LED help, Please

    Hello everyone, I'm new to planted tanks and would like to tap into the fountain of knowledge in this forum. I have a Dennerle 35L scapers tank and am looking for a LED light that has mid to high light to give me a wider range of plants to choose from, I have found a light that I like the look...