led lighting

  1. Reuben Pereira

    Home led lighting

    Hi guys, Here is my first question after joining this group and I'm sure this won't be my last since I'm a relatively new aquascaper, has anyone used these type of lighting fixtures for a scape? And if so were they good and what were the specifications of the lights. Thanks and have a great...
  2. petemaz

    Is this enough light to grow demanding plants?

    Hi All, I'm just setting up a new tank (in the cycling stage at the moment); it's a 50x50 cm cube, 60 cm high. I have a JBL ProFlora CO2 system set up - not running yet as currently no plants. The lights I have at the moment are all LED: 2 x Fluval Aquasky 50cm @ 16W each and ADA Aquasky Moon...
  3. petemaz

    Giesemann LEDs

    Hi all, I'm returning to the hobby after some years and I just want to set up a 'perfect tank', or as near as damn it:), anyway. I've come across the Giesemann LED lights and I was wondering if someone has had any experience with those. They seem a bit pricey, but... do you really get what...
  4. AquamaniacUK

    Lighting for a TMC signature 60 (60x45x30)

    Hi I am about to purchase my first signature tank. The tank i am ordering is a TMC signature 60 (60x45x30 cm ) aprox. 80 litres. What i am not sure is about lighting for this tank. So here is the planned setup. Tank : TMC signature 60 (60x45x30 cm ) aprox. 80 litres. Filter: Fluval 305...
  5. Chris Jackson

    LED Dimmer solution - BUT

    UPDATE - WARNING - These units are working fine for me but they could damage the Aquasky power supplies so you take your chances! Read the thread for more details. Hi All, I thought I'd post this to help anyone looking for an easy LED dimming solution and particularly ideal for the ADA Aquasky...
  6. GlassWalker

    LED ideas for 58L tank

    Been wanting to upgrade the lights in a 58L Askoll Pure L tank for a while. This is a small tank with a lid mounted 24W PL tube, encased in a watertight enclosure. I've had the tank nearly 2 years now and I'm sure tube would have degraded in that time too. I took it apart a moment ago to see...
  7. Jake101

    Suitable LED for open top aquarium

    Hi, Could you recommend decent options for LED lighting. The tank is 80x50x35 open top riparium style low-tech, naturally inspired by Alastair's Chocolate Puddle and Tom's Bucket O' Mud. The lights will be hanging about 1 m from the surface (so probably 60 degree lens is the right choice). I...
  8. Aqua Essentials

    Super LED lighting Sale, expires midnight Friday

    For 3 days we're running a sale on TMC Ultima Single Grobeam 600 TMC Ultima Twin Grobeam 600 TMC Ultima 1500 Natural Daylight Tile These offers expire Friday midnight and we don't intend on running them again, so get these super deals while you can.
  9. Rasbora

    5050SMD LED Light Bar Flexible LED Clip Light

    I'm a huge fan of TMC GroBeam 600s, but they are a bit pricey. I've just taken delivery of two of these from eBay to go over low tech 60cm long by 25cm wide by 20cm high tanks: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121241246852 To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much but I've just plugged them in and...
  10. R

    LED Shimmer

    Hi all, Recently I purchased a Grobeam 600 and I'm very happy with it. However yesterday evening the girlfriend saw the shimmer on the water surface and commented how she prefered my old lighting as the shimmer does funny things to her eyes. So being the good boyfriend (or whipped I'm not...
  11. MiguelAngelo

    Issues installing LED light

    I've just bought this LED light: TMC GroBeam 600 Ultima Natural Daylight - Single | Swell UK It arrived and works well but I don't have any way to mount it (safely) using my existing hood. I've seen other setups with brackets/units that hold the light a good distance from the water surface...
  12. MiguelAngelo

    Using New LED light for planted tank

    So I bought a new LED light for my planted tank (64 liters) and had a few questions: TMC GroBeam 600 Ultima Natural Daylight - Single | Swell UK 1. As there will be more light does this mean I need to add more fertilisers and CO2? 2. Should I combine with my existing light in the aquarium...
  13. S

    T5 to LED conversion

    Hi everyone, I need to replace the T5 tubes in my Aquamanta 80 tank, and was considering changing over to LED lighting. I have been reading the threads about LED lighting and perusing the massive selection of systems available on the web but I am struggling to chose a suitable replacement...
  14. Reuben

    Anyone using these without trouble?

    Hi TMC Grobeam 600. I have a hi tech 125L with these over and a controller so I can dim them. They seem to be very powerful as far as I can tell. I find that I have to run them at 25% max output or I get diatoms -lots of them. Just interested to know if anyone has done PAR readings on...
  15. Simon jones

    Arcadia Classica LED Luminaire

    I have a question that i hope someone can answer. After tinkering with the time unit i have discovered that I can't just set the channels on the timers at any lighting level other than full (24) I can only manually dim the lights or stagger the timings. I've concluded that in order to get the...
  16. Mike Edwardes

    LED on the cheap

    I'm thinking about experimenting with one of these over a 45 x 30 x 30 cm tank: 6000K and stated as 1000 lumen output. They come in a range of wattages from 10-50 watts. Has anyone tried one of these or have any opinions on how successful it's likely to be? Thanks,
  17. dmachado

    EndorFeena 300L planted aquarium

    This week I terminated my almost 4 year 150L project: ...and moved on to a bigger planted aquarium for discus, with mineralized bonsai soil substrate, calcium carbonate rocks and LED lighting, here are some photos: I used water from the smaller aquarium as well as "dirty" filter...