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  1. Dj-damo

    Rio 300 Lighting Combination

    Hi All I have a Juwel Rio 300. I have messed around with planted for a while, had some success and some not. I am planning a rescape on the 14th April, plants and everything have been ordered :) So to the topic!, i currently have 4 x 54w Juwel daylight bulbs running in the tank. My mind is...
  2. A

    How many T5 tubes.

    I have just this week set up a new tank. Its 200L 100x40x45 deep. Substrate is JBL aquasoil. Currently (as of yesterday) planted with various Echinodorus, vallis, crypts, alernanthera and hoping to form a carpert with echinodorus tennulus. CO2 pressurised, but due to cost was aiming at not too...