manten stone

  1. CooKieS

    40x28x30 "The Ent" 30liters CLOSED

    Hi there, So my plan was to rescape my 60p and use this small 30liters tank as an temporary Home for my living stock during the rescape...BUT, I found that my lovely jungle Roots faits perfectly in there so...let's sell my livestock and scape this nano for an dragon betta! :-) Here's the Gear...
  2. CooKieS

    17l fireaqua iwagumi

    Hi, Small nano 17l opti by fireaqua. 31x20x26cm Ancient stone Some Wood roots First tryout in 10min; Any plants suggestions welcome! Cheers
  3. Aqua Essentials

    Manten Stone aka Baltic Rock

    So now you have a choice on this rock. You can buy it off us for £2.50 per kg, or you can go elsewhere and pay £20.37 :crazy: per kg. We call it Baltic Rock but you can call is Manten Stone if you prefer. Which ever way you look at it, they are the same rock/stone. Just different marketing...
  4. pompeyfan

    Mount Manten, the Beginings...

    Greetings 'scapers A couple of photos of an Iwagumi style idea for my 100x50cm. Plants are likely to be Riccia stones and Glosso in the front. Hairgrass and a Blyxa tufts at the back, possibly some stems behind the main stones... Please excuse photography, background and tempoary use of...