1. Crazy_Walrus

    How do plants prefer their nitrogen?

    Do plants prefare amonia, nitraten nitrite or pure nitrogen? EG would the plants benifit more if I used a filter media that turnes nitrates into pure nitrogen that can eb consumed or gassed off?
  2. Shinobi

    JBL Cristalprofi 901E - filter media upgrade(?)

    So I'm currently pretty happy with my JBL 901e that i have installed on my 60p. The very low amount of noise, and decent flow seems to fit the tank quite well. However 10+ weeks into the filters life I'm still seeing some pretty high spikes in NO2, despite low feeding and 2x WC weekly with about...
  3. Kezzab

    clay pebbles as filter media

    hi, I have a load of clay pebbles and a lot of spare space in a sump. Is there any reason why they wouldn't work as a filter media? I can't think of any, but before I stick them all in... thanks
  4. Aqua Essentials

    Looking for a cheap and effective filter media?

    Then look no further - you won't find cheaper and more effective than this Was £9.99 now £5.99
  5. weasel

    What the best filter to have on a planted tank

    Just wondering, as the title says, what filters the best to have on a planted tank, i know externally but what type and what media,and what cleaning routines are people doing..