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  1. christinecrites

    Shrimp expert help - what’s going on with his face?

    I know noticed one of my orange shrimp’s Rostrum looks messed up, but otherwise seems ok and eating? Can anyone identify what might be going on? He resides in a tank with other shrimp and a few assassin snails but no fish.
  2. L

    Advice when shipping live shrimp?

    I'd like to preface with the fact I'm in the UK and will probably only be shipping to people in the UK for the time being. I've never bred shrimp before, let alone shipped them, however I'm planning to breed them and would like some advice on what specific equipment I might need. If any of you...
  3. G

    Best Online or Physical store (London) neocaridinas

    Hey guys, So I have a new tank where I would like to put some neocaridinas and maybe Taiwan bees aswell. Which is the best place to buy them quality and price wise? Online stores anywhere or physical stores in London. Thanks for your help.
  4. dw1305

    Feeding preference of an introduced population of Cherry Shrimp

    Hi all, I was looking at an <"Asellus food preference paper"> (apparently the shed leaves of Alders Alnus spp.), and it linked to this paper, about the Cherry Shrimp (Neocardinia davidi). Schoolman & Arndt (2017) <"Leaf-litter preferences of the introduced freshwater shrimps Atyaephyra...
  5. brownmoth

    Adam's Shrimp and Fissidens Tank

    Adam’s Shrimp & Fissidens Tank Aquarium: Aqua One/ Aquanano 25 Co2: Sodastream Adapted Temperature: 23c PH 7.6 GH 6 KH 4 Fauna: Neocaridina davidi var. red Flora: Fissidens fontanus, Cryptocoryne sp., Taxiphyllum barbieri, Vesicularia montagnei Aquired aquarium in October 2014 and proceeded...