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new member introduction

  1. V


    Hello all, Recently joined to get some more tailored advice on aquascaping and to learn from other enthusiasts. Below is a pic of my current setup. Hope to learn and grow with you all! Viridius
  2. J

    Back to fish keeping after 15 years

    Hi everyone, I’m Josh from York, North Yorkshire. I haven’t kept fish for around 15 years but after discovering aquascaping via various youtubers I can’t wait to have another go at it! Currently buying everything I need to set up my first and I must say it’s a little more expensive than I first...
  3. Rob_Planted

    Intro... And advice needed on first planted tank!

    Hi Everyone, This seems like a great community! I have had fish tanks for many years and currently have a Roma 125 that only has a couple of amazon swords and crypts and has been like this for 2 years now with no co2, decent light, ferts etc. I am finally going to be brave and turn this into...
  4. J

    Hi from Sussex Haywards Heath

    Hi I'm Joe I'm New to UKAPS. I have been keeping a planted tank for about 2 years now. I have learnt loads but feel my knowledge of plants is letting me down as I have followed a lot of trial and error. I live in Haywards Heath Sussex..
  5. SeanOB


    Hey folks, great site you have going here, very happy to see such an enthusiastic community going strong. I am livin in North Wales at the moment, though I'm from Trinidad in the West Indies. I seem to have sated any home sickness with an abundance of tropical plants around the house. That has...
  6. Lukmana91

    Hello from US

    Hello there guys, Been into the hobby for quite a while, but had just discovered ukase recently. All in all this is a very informative and interesting forum, especially with all the beautiful aquaecapes. Am currently working on a 150 L aquarium planted with L. Grandulosa, numurulatta (i...
  7. Vivian Andrew

    Hello from Coimbatore, India

    Hi all, I'm from India, into this hobbyist for past 15years and now moved to planted aquarium. i was pretty impressed about this forum and the kind of information that you have been sharing, i would be pretty much interested to be part of this forum to exchange ideas :) Regards, Vivian Andrew
  8. SalvadorNL

    Hello from Dutch guy in Cambridge

    Hi UKAPS members, Since I am new to these forums an introduction is in order. To start, these are some great forums and they helped me out already!:):) I am Dutch and currently doing my PhD in Cambridge. As I have always had an aquarium since I was about 10, and was without one since I moved...
  9. Darren Cliff


    Hello all I would like to introduce myself. I'm Darren from Lichfield in Staffordshire. After having a 10 year break from keeping Marine fish and corals, I've recently purchased a 150lt aquarium. I plan to plant it and keep community tropical fish. I look forward to chatting with some of you...