paracheirodon simulans

  1. GreyFoxIndy

    Are the following fish all compatible with each other?

    Fish Inpaichthys kerri Hyphessobrycon sweglesi Nannostomus beckfordi (possible swap for Paracheirodon simulans instead, maybe even both) Microgeophagus ramirezi Caridina japonica Otocinclus sp. Can they all be kept together? Perhaps suggest a sensible number too. 200 L tank, 100cm x 45 x 50cm...
  2. JohnKoncz

    Pandora (120P Dutch Style)

    Hello Everybody! My name is John Koncz, and I'm from Hungary. My first nature planted tank is just about to start! I've been collecting knowledge and technical stuff for the past 6 months. It's been crazy, because I'm usually super impatient, but this time I knew I have to wait. Technical data...