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  1. jaypeecee

    Using Peat To Lower Water pH

    Hi Folks, In one of my tanks, I need to lower the water pH to around 6.5, i.e. slightly acidic. The current pH of this tank is 7.54 and alkalinity/carbonate hardness is 3.0 dKH. I'm wondering about using peat, something I've never done before. Can anyone suggest a suitable product? I would need...
  2. Aqua Hero

    if aqa soil can do it then can peat granules/peat balls and black extract do the same?

    hi i purchased aqa soil a while ago to re cycle my tank. it lowered my ph all the way down from 7.6 to 6.2. my water hardness is 258 gh according to thames water. since my aqa soil was able to lower the ph and soften the water and keep it down for 3 months can i the combination of peat and...
  3. David Glavin

    Silica Sand

    Hi everyone, New to the forum and wondering if I have already made a mistake, last month I set up my RIO 240 with the intention of it being a planted discus tank, I bought a 1400l per hour external with a uv light from all pond and it's been cycling since. However the tank came with some silver...