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plant care

  1. PlantMan216

    Questions about custom ferts.

    So since joining this forum, I’ve learned and cleared up a lot of info relating to planted tanks. A big one that I like being remineralizing RO water with salts instead of commercial remineralizers . I’ve seen some posts about custom ferts and the whole calculator thing. I’m wondering if...
  2. Ömer Karaahmet

    Melting Plants

    Hi guys, About a month ago I set up a 60P aquarium. I added Dennerle Bacterial Culture so that the filter bacteria mature immediately. I do 50% water changes every day for the first week, every other day for the second week, twice a week for the third week, and now once a week. As a liquid...
  3. C

    New plants for a new tank, necessary to sterilize the plant?

    Hey all as per title, I am cycling a new tank with plants. I'm just wondering is it necessary to sterilize the plants in order to start the tank? Or could I simply just wash it thoroughly and let it establish in the new tank while letting nature takes it course, e.g. possible snails or worms or...
  4. Nathanh2150

    Plant advice

    Looking on adding some more plants to my tank what do u think of this selection? 1x Echinodorus ozelot Red 1x Pogostemon erectus 1xAlternanthera reineckii Purple 1xNymphoides spec. Taiwan 1xPogostemon helferi And 5 more Monte Carlo ? Any advice would be appreciated
  5. Nathanh2150

    Tiger lotus bulb advice

    Have had my tiger lotus bulb in my aquarium for around a week now in my tank and the bulb has gone white should I take out of the tank to wash white substance off or remove it completely? I have taken a photo not the best but shows whats happening.