1. chinwag

    Belfast Sink Pond

    It doesn't look much but my belfast sink pond is slowly taking shape so I thought I'd post it up... I have Taro growing in pots either side of it now and I'm hoping I can get the area around it planted up more next year, get some wood or a rock in a few more plants in there to break the...
  2. dw1305

    A question, dissolved oxygen and a pond

    Hi all, I've been surveying, and doing some water quality work, some of <"Bristol's pond and rivers"> over the last couple of weeks. I had an interesting one today. I won't tell you the location, or context, but it was a pond and the water sample had a dissolved oxygen level of 180% (~20oC...
  3. Hanuman

    Outdoor ceramic pond - Picture heavy

    So this weekend I decided to clean up my outdoor ceramic tank in order to remove all the Clea Helena snails that have eradicated my snail population. I though it was a good idea to have those snails. I was wrong. I also decided to remove some of the plants and add a few new ones. Also added a...
  4. Glenda Steel

    Does green water matter if you don't keep fish?

    We have recently built a small pond (180cm x 130cm x 50cms deep - 635 litres) which we originally intended to be a simple reflection pool (dark still water not too deep), we now have added a small fountain for ambient noise (and keep gnats and mosquitoes at bay). It's a modern rectangle (black)...
  5. Kezzab

    Plant ID please

    Hi - could someone ID this plant please, it's a UK bog/pond plant. I'm sure it's very common but so far not been able to ID it. Thanks
  6. AnnLupeT

    Where I got my plants

    Hi! i just wanted to share how some aquascapers propagate their plants here in the Phil :D I envy them for living next to river :D I'm planning to have a pond like that too :D https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=878345038858294&set=o.522633677814753&type=3&permPage=1...
  7. Nick_593

    Best pond goldfish/ koi food?

    Hi, I'm just wondering what the best food would be for some goldfish and koi carp for a pond? Also is feeding completely necessary as the fish have been getting on well so far? Thanks