1. LukeDaly

    STILL have flow issues... :(

    Hello Guys, Still running the Dennerle Scapers tank with the Fluval 306 and Gush Lily Pipes (Inlet & Outlet) and I think I am still getting flow issues. I am getting what I believe is Black-brush algae growing around some areas of the wood mostly the back. This is really starting to put a...
  2. K

    Powerhead Placement

    Hi All Was just looking for some advice placement of a power head. I have a Rio 180 with the internal filter. The outlet is pointed up for surface movement. Is it best to place the power head in the same direction as the filter outlet?
  3. michael woods

    Please help! Co2 distribution and flow

    Ok, so today was the day of reckoning! After weeks of cycling my new filter...the tank was ready to put some fish and shrimp BUT. I've immediately hit a stumbling block and would massively appreciate it if anyone can help me out! I'm running a 64l interpet fishbox with a fluval 106 external...