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  1. MMonis

    The 'Hygge' Space

    Hi UKAPSers, So I am planning to completely rescape my 54 litre (60cm x 30cm x 30cm) low-tech, lightly planted tank to something better. Existing tank: Substrate : Tropica Subtrat topped/capped with gravel Filter : Fluval 106 cannister and Eheim Pickup (used this only temporarily) Lighting ...
  2. S

    Advice for a newbie

    Hi all. I am looking for some advice and hope you can help. I am currently saving for my first tank and am wondering what size would be best? It's going to be between a 60x30x35 or a 45x29x30. I plan on rescaping fairly often, as It's part of the hobby that interests me, but I don't have the...
  3. Aronnie

    90x50x45 Fresh Jungle

    Right - after going down the high tech route and ending up not liking my scape/not getting the hand of Co2, I decided to go down the low tech route. Planned it for a good couple of months and went from this https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/first-attempt-at-aquascaping-took-long-enough.36995/...
  4. K

    Is my plan ok?

    Hi All Just wanted some advice. So next Sunday (14th) is the day I plan to make my tank look better. I have a plan and just wanted your opinions. 1. Put current fish in a bucket with fish tank water. (Will the be ok in here for a few hours?) 2. Put filter in a separate bucket with fish tank...
  5. J

    330l rescape (sandy outcropping)

    Hi all, Spent a few hours rescaping my hi-tech, heavily planted and high maintenance 330l to something less intensive and more manageable. Due a lack of facilities to re-home the livestock whilst rescaping, the change was carried out in a 1/4 full tank which, as it involved a 90% substrate...