roma 240

  1. Box of Demons

    Day 4 of a new Roma 240 cycle, do I need to water change today?

    Here was Day 1 of my set up, any advice appreciated. Here was day 2 of my tank set up. Day 4 is today, I will test all water parameters with a master kit, my question is do i need to do a water change today? and how much? I have no livestock. But have been doing. 6 hours light 5 hours...
  2. Box of Demons

    Hello all From Leeds : New Fishkeeper eager to learn from you lot.

    Hello all. I used to have fish when I was younger, but now I want to be more serious and really learn the craft of fish keeping and hardscaping. I have just purchased a Fluval Roam 240 tank. I have all the gear baring plants, rocks and wood and am keen to get going. I will probably be asking...
  3. L

    algae help causes and remedies

    Hi all ill give you tank infor first 240l fluval rome Fluval 305 filter 1600lph powerhead and 600 plh powerhead Pressurised co2 so the drop checker is yellow 1.5wpg t8 lights on for 6 hours co2 on 2 hours before lights Dosing ei mothod of kno3 4 tads i think one teaspoon kh2po4 3 dashes 3/8thd...