shrimp tank

  1. Hyoscine

    A bedside garden

    I'm sitting around, waiting for the mailman. Hopefully, today I can get started on this little tank I've been thinking over for a few weeks. I've got room for something small on my bedside table, and I really like the idea of nano (pico?) aquarium with a couple of planted HOB filters. I've seen...
  2. Lauris

    "The roots of petite"

    Hi! It has been a while since my last tank was scaped... now I'm in the process of RIPping apart my current tank, and woke up last Sunday with a tiny inspirational mood. I'm taking it as a little warm up before I re-escape my current project.. A little about this nano project: Tank: Fluval...
  3. Lauris

    Crystal Meadow. (F.spec19L nanao)

    OK.. too late for verbal diarrhea. too late.. or should I say..too early? lost in time but came up with this.. some plants will go in. dunno yet what kind of.. no name yet.. any suggestions on plats welcome (top right side corner and left side of the tank) Time-lapse will follow tomorrow..or...
  4. bogwood

    CRS - In their new home

    Hello Just a quick update, moved some of my home bred CRS into my planted tank. Full tank shot Nov 13 by awhsjh, on Flickr Thanks Bogwood
  5. Marc Boulton

    AquaNano 40 - Shrimp tank

    Hi all, Here's my freshly planted AquaNano 40. Plants used; Tropica Staurogyne repens Eleocharis parvula Ludwigia glandulosa Hydrocotyle tripartita Lilaeopsis brasiliensis x 2 Red cherries x4 - 1m 3f Pictures were taken on my phone, I'll have to get some on my DSLR
  6. B

    Best Lighting for Fluval Ebi?

    I'm keeping "Medium" Level plants according to tropica.(It said medium on the side of the plant tub) I'm currently using stock lights,which aren't too bright-they don't reach the bottom very well and the spread isn't the best. What would you reccomend? Would a TMC Aquaray 400 tile be ok? I'd...