1. Robertus van Tilburg

    kei stone spiderwood scape

    ada60-p. I am playing again with my aquascaping tools... This time a kei stone spiderwood setup.
  2. Joris

    The fallen tree [60L low-tech]

    Hi Guys! Just started an account here after a long time of lurking around. I want to contribute to the forum by sharing my second aquascape journey. Most recent update: In july this year I started with my first ‘aquascape’. It was a 30 liter cube with some easy plants and it currently looks...
  3. Nigel95

    ADA 45P Forest scape

    So I started with a nano tank and sold it pretty quick to go "bigger". I was thinking about a second high tech setup and wanted to buy an ada 60p. But I decided to go smaller and go for the ada 45p as I already have an eheim 2211 with 2 sets of lily pipes which I can use for this setup. It will...
  4. Robertus van Tilburg

    New Scape Robertus

    After my last scape "3 stones" i am now starting a new thread for my next scape. It is made with kei stones and spider wood. I wanted a v shape layout this time and also wanted to include white sand in front. I am at this moment in de hardscape stage and refining the layout. I will post...