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  1. T

    Lighting Stands for 90cm tank

    Morning guys, Anyone know of a good quality lighting stand for a 90cm wide tank? Ideally one that grips onto the aquarium glass would be great!
  2. Zak Rafik

    DIY Chiller stand build :-)

    Hi everyone:) Just wanted share a DIY project I had finished recently for my planted tank chiller. This is a Teco TR15 chiller which had served me very well for the past one year plus. It was very efficient when chilling my 31c (88F) tap water to the desirable 24c (75F). Since I had about 50+...
  3. Kakarot

    Reclaimed timber dual aquarium build

    Hey all, Thought I'd share my build as I go, I can only put in an hour or so a day so it's going to be a few weeks until it's completed so you'll have to bare with me. I'm using reclaimed pallet wood and any other bits I can get for free. I should have enough timber with the 6 pallets I have...
  4. Kyle Lambert

    Aquaone Aqua Vogue lights.

    Does anyone know much about the new aqua vogues led system? all i can find is that there are various light modes witha mix of blue and white LEDs with a total wattage of 44w on the 135l veersion. If im looking to go high tech with co2, ferts and lights would that be powerful enough? does anyone...
  5. D

    Height of Sodastream 60L cylinder?

    Good evening, My first post although have been lurking here for a while. I am going to set up my first 60P. Have DIY'ed a stand, which is about 65cm in height. I also plan to get CO2 sodastream set from CO2art. However I just realised the 60L cylinder with regulator on it may not fit into my...
  6. Mats A

    DIY Stand for my ADA 30C

    It has always annoyed me that my tanks on the computer desk are to low for a good view. So when I got my ADA tank I decided to make a stand to raise it a bit. Way to low: Forgot to take pictures when I cut the plywood, but here is a picture when I had screewed it all together with the tank...