stocking level

  1. Lukmana91

    150 L Stocking Question

    Hi Guys, I have a 150 L heavily planted tank with ludwigia, monte carlo, moss and s. repens. My questions is which of the following fish should i stock and how many? CPD Oryzias Woworae Iriantherina Werneri (threadfin Rainbowfish) Problem is, the flow in the tank is quite significant, so any...
  2. Aqua Hero

    What do you guys think about this stocking

    okay firstly im new to this forum but for the past few months i have be reading and learning alot about the new things im trying to do. i have been in the hobby for 10 years so i know all the cycling and stuff. i wanted to know whether the stocking im doing it okay cause i havent stocked this...
  3. Kyle Lambert

    Questions from a newbie.

    So i started a tank 6 weeks ago. Its a 60l which is a little overstocked but i keep up with my water changes regularly and everything seems to be going well so far with an oversized HOB filter (not my ideal filter but it suits my needs and available space). I have 3 cherry shrimps, 4 assasin...