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the aquascaper

  1. Richard Swales

    Iwagumi Layout

    Hi, Picked up some rocks for my Sanzon Iwagumi today, pretty happy with them, but can't decide on a placement layout. I liked this one (see pic) but something just isn't quite right, can any body spot something that might help me? Perhaps I need more rocks to go with these three, possibly...
  2. George Farmer

    Insularium - Exclusive first sight

    The video explains (nearly) everything, hopefully...
  3. George Farmer

    I love BBA

    A lot of discussion about BBA, which is great... Sometimes it can look good. Funnily enough this is the only area in the tank with it. choc2 by George Farmer, on Flickr
  4. George Farmer

    Same style of aquascape, after 10 years of practice...

    Hi all, Almost 10 years ago I created a low-maintence aquascape - mainly ferns, Anubis and crypts. Today I took the final shot of my latest 'scape - mainly ferns, Anubis and crypts. Note the difference. Mainly use of hardscape, open foreground and more complex textures. I thought it was an...
  5. George Farmer

    Superfish Home 80 - Step-by-step video

    Hi all This is my first attempt at a step-by-step video. I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  6. George Farmer

    Superfish Expert 70

    Hi all I set this up about 7 weeks ago. To be honest wasn't sure about the lighting - it measured 5 umol at the substrate! However, all the plants are growing and I'm even getting red R. rotundifolia! Using Colombo range (soil, ferts, liquid CO2), non-CO2 gas injection. Aquafleur plants.
  7. George Farmer

    NA 65cm - Slow Burner

    Hi all, My latest 65cm aquascape. More videos and pics coming soon... :)
  8. George Farmer

    Superfish Home 60

    Hi all, I recently set up this little tank. Quite an impressive all-in-one system suitable for beginners. I'll update videos every week and post photos as and when.