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unipac fiji

  1. Iain Sutherland

    Lakeland Wraith - NA 120

    Afternoon all, now that Asian Dreams has been taken down it is time to start a new journal for the new scape. This will take a couple of weeks to complete set up as im very short on time with work and i still need to organise plants. Hardscape is almost complete, just waiting for some more...
  2. stu_

    Red Ryuboku

    Tank-Optiwhite 60x41x30 Lights-Arcadia AF128F- 2x15W T8 Filter-TetraTec EX1200 Substrate- Tropica Substrate and Unipac Fiji (coarse) Pressurised C02 Hardscape- Redmoor Plants- 1-2 Stau Repens, 1-2 Lilaeopsis brasiliensis,Hairgrass,Xmas moss,Crypt Amoricum,Crypt Willisii,Crypt...