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white cloud minnow

  1. Andy Tran

    Breeding captive fish for wild-type traits

    Has anyone else noticed how “pregnant” captive female White Cloud Minnows can get, to the point which they almost have difficulty swimming? I was wondering if wild-caught WCMM females are also like this, or whether carrying loads of eggs is a trait which has been selected for (either...
  2. J

    Good Morning from Manchester

    Stumbled across this video whilst watching George Farmer's vid on his Aquascaper 1200. I started a year ago with a 67L hugo kamishi simplicity tank. I've recently purchased a 106L that I'll be moving these guys over to once its up and running and this tank will be turned into a shrimp tank...
  3. Kezzab

    What's wrong with this fish????

    Came back from work, one of the WCMM is in a state, clearly dying. Removed it and dispatched it. Any ideas what's happened? No other fish showing any signs of distress. It was 18 months in the tank. Cause for concern or just one of them things?
  4. L

    Long Fin White Cloud Minnow disease

    Hi Few days ago i spotted abnormal condition of one of my white cloud minnows. It looks like some sort of deformation around/on eyes. I tried to find some info over web but with no luck. If someone could help me with identifying what is it and possible treatment for it. I hope pictures (not the...