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Your tank is very similar to mine and I am also running a sump with a c02 reactor, a 10lb cylinder lasts about 6 months. I am looking forward to how this tank progresses.

It all depends on how turbulent the water is in the overflow and falling to the sump. Having a good amount of gentle flow within the tank will help too. I have a maxspect gyre pump providing intermittent flow in my display.
Well I didn't measure yet but 2x6000l/u minus head pressure does the job. Overflow is a bean animal style overflow which minimizes turbulance. Overall I'm quite happy. Although the CO2 reactor is a little on the small side and can barely handle it and is almost entirely filled with CO2 by the end of the day. I need to see how to fix that. Perhaps use the purigen reactor as a second reactor or make/buy another one.
That looks nice. How much of CO2 do you have to pump since you have a sump?

The 15lb bottle is now, 3,5 month later, empty. I did turned the amount up a while ago so I expect the next to last 2,5-3 months. This is with degassing all the CO2 at night. When I don't turn on the airpump at night, the pH rises only about 0,4. With airpump 1,2, which leads me to believe that not much is lost due to the overflow. If I want to save CO2 I can choose not to run an airpump but I like the extra oxygen and higher pH for my filter bacteria.
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A small update, tank is recovering from the low CO2 during my holiday. Stones are getting cleaner and cleaner. Could be better but I'm not unhappy!




The A. ortegai couple I took out and placed in a breeder tank.



Blurry photo but check the colors!

I replaced them with 20 A. borelli. Beautiful yellow fish, I love them already!


Algae on the stones is dying off more and more each week. I must say, I'm very pleased. Did a big trim and cleaned the sand for the photo. I changed some plants, but the biggest improvement visually is that it looks like two islands again. Both forms of Bolbitis are growing like mad, and I'm trimming it weekly now to keep it from overgrowing my other plants.

Fish have been ill. Didn't saw anything externally on them, but I kept finding 1-2 dead fish every day. I treated them with anti bacterial meds, no results... anti worms, no results... Suddenly some looked like they had a grey layer on them (velvet disease?) so I tried anti parasites and this worked. Didn't find a single dead fish since. Turned the tank green for a good two weeks and all transparant kit in the sump changed color. Luckily the kit in my tank is black so no biggy!

Changed the lights to 100% LEDs, so let's see how that turns out! Color is perfect (custom made so must be:p) and I don't need 100%. So with half the power I get the same PAR. Let's see how the background plants grow back!

Oh now that's pretty! Good work!

Sorry to hear about your losses, glad you seem to have found the problem & solution too!