3 feet tank - new setup

Discussion in 'Journals' started by tanker, 22 Feb 2009.

  1. tanker

    tanker Member

    Hi people.
    i've got myself a 2nd hand braceless 3 footer. (90cmX45cmX45cm)

    Aquasoil amazonia 2
    lighting - 4 X 36 Watt PLL tubes
    filtration - getting Ecco Pro 2036
    pressurised CO2

    plants - still undecided
    fauna - undecided

    i may look for other smaller stones as the small stones are not compatible with my bigger stones. i like the big stones.
    so far, i'm planning to do foreground carpeting plants. my option will be HC or japanese hairgrass. however i'm still pretty much undecided what to go for background.

    any advice is welcomed :D stone placement, slope, plants etc

  2. aaronnorth

    aaronnorth Member

    worksop, nottinghamshire
    the stones are too small, although they may not get lost with just HC there will not be enough height and it will look odd. Also try grouping the stones together rather than just dotting them around the corners.
    What you deciding on fertilisers?
    Some EchinodorousTennelus would look good.

    My 2cents

  3. Thomas McMillan

    Thomas McMillan Member

    The stones are way too small and not tall enough.
  4. Mark Evans

    Mark Evans Expert

    newark notts.
    unfortunately your current stones are a tad small. BUT, don't worry. all you need do is get 1 stone twice or 3 times the size of current biggest stone and then you'll be in a position to create a great iwagumi...

    your just looking for one bigger stone of the same variety. not all is lost yet.

    background... 2 options! nothing or black.

    plants?.....e tenellus, glosso hc and e acicularis. typical iwagumi plants.

    great start :D
  5. tanker

    tanker Member

    thanks for the feedback!
    ok, i'll get set for more rock hunting! seems not like an easy task, but i certainly dont wanna rush for this tank and later regret it.
    in the meantime, i'll try grouping my stones together once i get back. i'll check out tenellus and see how tall it grows.
    i'm planning to dose EI for this tank.
  6. tanker

    tanker Member


    this is my 3 feet tank at 1 week old. i've decided not to do an iwagumi, as i dont have enough stones, and i'll like to have some plants such as hygrophila corymbosa compact :D

    the plants:
    rotala rotundifolia
    blyxa japonica
    hygrophila corymbosa compact
    japanese hairgrass

    substrate: ADA amazonia, without power sand
    i've yet to start dosing, planning to dose EI
    lights: 4 tubes dymax PLL 36Watts each. so far i am only switching on 2 of these..
    blasting presurrised CO2
    filter: Eheim Ecco Pro 2036

    the rotala is still in emersed form, i think i will trim it in these 2 days.
    any comments are welcomed!
  7. tanker

    tanker Member

    hi guys, updated recently. i've taken out all hhygrophilia corymbosa, and replaced them with driftwood, tied with taiwan/singapore moss. blyxa growing really well. but seems to have some problem with staurogyne. the leaves seems to have some algae, and its shape is strange. as if something is munching on it.. any idea why?

    i'm also thinking of replacing the rotala with some red plants. any suggestions?
  8. Consigliere

    Consigliere Member

    Rotala macandra is my favourite red plant these days. Easy one to grow and has a nice leaf shape.
  9. Vito

    Vito Member

    Watford, Hertfordshire
    I think we may share the same problem Tanker, I suspect its my ramshorn sails or it could be one of my fish but im no sure which but mine looks like they have been getting eaten...
    I really like the new wood in the tank and the plant layout suits it, once its all grown in I think the tank will look really good.
    keep it up mate

  10. lljdma06

    lljdma06 Member

    Miami, FL
    Almost looks like a bug's been munching on it. Do you have snails? Algae eaters? How is your tank flow in that area of the tank? If this were outside, I'd say you had some beasties munching on your plants.

    I like the idea of rotala macrandra also. Is your rotala rotundifolia species green? Mine always blushed a coral color at the tips, it was never just green and I've read that there are qite a few cultivars. If you can get the one that blushes like that, that would be lovely as well. More subtle I think than a really bright red. All depends on what you're going for.


    Otherwise, it is a nice setup and I look forward to seeing it continue to develop. The 3 feet is a nice length, with a lot of possibilities for a fine scape. Glad you opted out of a Iwagumi, before you added the driftwood and the extra plants, the three stones kind of reminded me of a graveyard. Not the best stones. Now, I'd take advantage of their presence and arrange them more naturally.

    llj :)
  11. tanker

    tanker Member

    Lol! my stones, graveyard?? ouch.... but i've to agree it should look better :lol: i recently put a nerite in. but the staurogyne has been like that before i put it in. i've some SAE, but SAE were already in there since the beginning, and the staurogyne had been growing fine... its confirmed that my rotala is the green species... so, i've bought and replanted a patch to red rotala.. :D

    rotala macrandra idea have to wait for the time being...

    back to the staurogyne, there's some theory that it could be higher temperature here in malaysia recently. but then in another forum, there's also the same incident in a chilled tank. i'm puzzled..

    my tank flow is kind of under powered. i only have a eheim ecco pro 300 for this 3 feet. yes i know!! i'm planning to get a second filter, or upgrade it to eheim 2217. any opinion, shd i get a second less powerful filter, or just change it to 2217?
  12. tanker

    tanker Member

    vito, where is the tread that discuss similar problem?
    my observation is when initially planted, it was growing fine. as they grow more compact, they turn into this. now, i have a patch of new staurogyne, planted on some empty spots to experiment if new growth is ok

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