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30cm - Little Mountain

It's always better to see the hardscape you are going to buy 'in the flesh' so to speak. As you say James, these rocks ain't cheap so you really have to see what you are paying for.I suppose there is no gamble if you're getting them for free. I much prefer to get a feel for them and spend a while choosing the right rocks, viewing them from all angles before making the final decision. Yet again The GreenMachine has an excellent array of hardscaping materials to choose from.
While I'm sure Richard from AE would make sure the rocks were a nice selection; I know what you mean about selecting your own hardscape. You might want to source a landscaping supplies place. My local rock supplier has a really wide range of rocks, including spaghetti rock, Holestone and a wide range of cobbles, pebbles etc. A LOT cheaper than a garden centre too.
I agree, Richard is a star! If there is something specific you want or want to avoid, you can pop a little note on your order and he'll do his best to please. That said, he can't please everyone, as we all have different tastes and ways of looking at things. Also, you might have to consider any staff working for Richard (?), they could be the ones doing the picking and packing.

Getting back to the tank, it looks great, George :D
George Farmer said:
I've given this set up, complete with plants etc. to Dan Crawford, to look after for the next 4 or 5 months.
Not too much pressure hey? :)
George Farmer said:
Maybe Dan will keep us all updated to how it goes.
Yeh, for sure! The fish didn't travel well but the CRS and plants are doing great.
Dan Crawford said:
George Farmer said:
If anyone can look after it well, it's you mate. No discus in there though, ok! lol
You know my feelings on "the rules" lol.

I'll post a pic later of it in it's new home.....

Cool! Shame about the Oryzias but I'm sure your new additions will be equally as great, if not better.
Bring it on! LOL

I TBH i like it how it is at the mo and G as a few stems of Rotala growing slowly behind the rock so i'll give that a chance to grow up and see how it looks.
I'll be keeping the HC, pogastemon, and Staurogyne but maybe add some Umbrosum or HM around the back if the Rotala doesn't turn out right.
I don't wanna rip up all of G's hard work now do i LOL.
Hi Dan, you have to accept the gift thats really nice of george but what is really nice is the qudos that he knows it will be in good good hands,regards john if you want to pass it on to me i dont mind taking it off your hands :D