400 W Metal Halide Bulb E40

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by kajaksurfa, 6 Dec 2009.

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    18 Nov 2009
    Uddevalla, Sweden

    I am looking for a 400 W Metal Halide Bulb (bulb fixture E40) to my 100 gallon plant aquarium.

    I have tried some different bulbs and found them to give very different color rendition.

    For example some bulbs gives a yellow hue :oops: (the cheap ones for driveways etc) or very greenish hue (6500K) :sick: , others a very bluish (>14000K).

    One day I found one used lamp in a flea market for almost no money at all, and it gave
    a fantastic natural light to plants and fishes (never seen anything like it compared with flourecent or other types of lighting) it was just like the light I see when I go diving in crystal clear springs :thumbup: ....unfortunately there was no text on the bulb so I dont know any data on it. o_O
    Now the bulb is burnt out and will not ignite any more.....so time to change.....

    When holding a white paper over the aquarium I noted the hue to be very white,light blue with a slight purplish cast (kind of similar to the color from a grolux) to it and this is what I am looking for.

    What bulbs are the public aquariums using?, I know most are using MH but from what make?.

    If you have tried some differnt Metal Halide bulbs I would love to hear about your experiences........

    Thanks :wave: Leif

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