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60-P "Succession"

The scape just didn't do it for me so I have closed the tank down and is going to take some time to think about what to do with it. I have several ideas in mind:
1. Island shape with frodo stone and red moor. Sand as substrate. Epiphytes on the wood and lots of vallisneria in the background. Corys and apistogrammas as inhabitants.

2. Going hightech. V shape with seiryu stone as hardscape and a mix of monte carlo and open sand foreground and stemmed plants in the background.

3. Blackwater biotope with checkerboards and red neons.
Hi all,
Corydoras hastatus or C. pygmaeus are all right. They are both much less bottom orientated than C. habrosus (or any of the larger Corydoras spp.).

We've had some threads on this on Apistogramma forums, and apparently Corydoras spp. and Apistogramma spp. rarely occur together, and Corydoras tend to ignore the warning signs that the cichlids have fry that they will defend. TomC, in <"this thread"> has very extensive knowledge of Apistogramma both in the wild and <"in captivity"> .

I didn't get very good Apistogramma fry survival when I had C. hastatus and/or C. pygmaeus in the tank, presumably because they eat similar size food items (the little Corydoras spp. love micro-worms). There is a thread on either "PlanetCatfish" or "Apistogramma forums" where they found the same thing.

I have had <"Corydoras hastatus & C. pygmaeus fry"> in the same tank as Dicrossus maculatus.

I lost my Corydoras hastatus colony last summer (while I was in New Zealand). I would like to keep them again (I'd had them for ~10 years) but they aren't often for sale in the UK.

cheers Darrel
I finally decided to start this tank again and bought some red moor wood and la plata sand at my local aquascaping store today.

I need more rocks so I'll try to get hold of some Seiryu rubble (or make it my self). I'm tempted to get a CO2 kit and go high-tech with this scape. If I decide to do that, I'm thinking Anubias "petite" at the base of the roots, a little bit of riccardia on the rocks. Eleocharis vivipara (or maybe Cyperus helferi) and Ludwigia repens in the centre of the background and Eleocharis parvula and maybe a few crypts in the sides.

I kept low-tech then I imagine Anubias "Petite", java moss, various crypts and Vallisneria nana in the background.

Please let me know what you think of the hardscape and plant plans. :)
Liking the hardscape so far - agree more rocks needed to finish off. You might also want to consider adding another smaller piece of wood going down towards the substrate on the right hand side to balance out with the quite thick piece on the left.

Re planting plans i would go with crypts rather than parvula and love the idea of the helferi. Going against my own principles of always sticking with non co2 here... the ludwigia might be tricky placement wise to avoid red in the dead centre... not sure that would look right. What about some java fern on the wood?
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@Matt @ ScapeEasy Don't you think that will make the layout too symmetric? I have some smaller pieces lying around so might try it.

Hmm you might be right about red in the centre. I remember I have seen an ADA layout combining red ludwigia and E. vivipara and creating a very nice effect bit i think it was a "double island" in a longer tank.

I'm more keen om trying bolbitis than java fern, but I guess it would need frequent trimming to keep all leaves pretty small and in proportion with the tank.
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I agree some smaller interesting branches of wood could complement/finish off the scape on the right hand side.

Looking good so far :thumbup:

I agree some smaller interesting branches of wood could complement/finish off the scape on the right hand side.

Looking good so far :thumbup:


Inspired by MD Fish Tanks I decided to keep it low-tech and have just ordered plants.
Foreground: "Moss" balls, some accents of Eleocharis "mini", Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita growing over the stones.
Midground/epiphytes: Anubias "Petite", some bucephalandras, some accents with java moss.
Background: Bacopa australis, Hygrophila polysperma, Limnophila sessiflora, Ludwigia palustris. Might also add some of the crypts and vallisneria nana I've got growing in my nano.
Floating plants: Salvinia auriculata

Fishwise I'm thinking Dario dario or Endler's guppies, but that is subject to change.
Sounds good! You would need to avoid it becoming too symmetrical, I think unforunately right now thin it looks too unbalanced... one for you to play around with and see what you like the most...
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Plant list (from left to right):
Background: Hygrophila polysperma, Rotala rotundifolia, Limnophila sessiflora, Ludwigia palustris, Vallisneria nana, Bacopa australis, cryptocoryne x willisi, Cryptocoryne wendtii green, Cryptocoryne becketii petchii,
Midground/epiphytes: Bolbitis heudelotii, Anubias "petite", Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita, a few species of Bucephalandra and Aegagrophila linnaei.
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