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85L ryuboku - The harmonic centre


19 Aug 2009
Szombathely, Hungary
Hi guys!
I'm a new one here, since now I've just been reading comments, but now I decided to write something.
I have a planted tank for about five weeks, in the style of ryuboku.

The datas of the tank:
size: 70*35*35, 85 liter
lighting: 4*24 W, T5
filtration: Tetratec ex 600 (600lph) and an internal filter (700lph)
Decoraiton materials: 1 red moor, 3 small guinea or opawa wood and 3 kg seiryu stone
fertilization: EI. + Easy carbo
CO2: 5kg bottle.
substrate: ADA Amazonia aqua soil, Tropica Plant Substrate and ADA orinoco sand.
water changes: 50%/weeks.
Rotola sp. Green
Pogostemon helferi
Riccia fluitans
Eleocharis parvula
Echindorus tenellus
fish: 20 Hyphessobrycon amandae, 5 otos and 6 amano shrimp



and now:


I am not very good at English. (as you can see :)) So sorry!
Re: 85 liter ryuboku

Really nice! :) Thanks for sharing. Can I ask what a 'ryuboku' is? It might just be the name of your aquascape but I'm sure I've seen this term used before...
Re: 85 liter ryuboku

Welcome to UKAPS, peti44!

That's a nice looking aquascape you have. :D

rawr said:
Really nice! :) Thanks for sharing. Can I ask what a 'ryuboku' is? It might just be the name of your aquascape but I'm sure I've seen this term used before...
Ryuboku is a driftwood dominate layout. Type it into Google... ;)
Re: 85 liter ryuboku

Thank you for the compliments :oops: :)

I hope it'll be much more nicer in two weeks, because there'll be a contest: Hungarian Aquascaping Contest (HAC) and I'd like to apply for that.

I've ordered some new plants: Cryptocoryne parva, Nesaea pedicellata and Ceratopteris thalictroides.
Cryptocoryne parva'll go to the place of Eleocharis parvula, because when I planted it, I 'cut it back' to 2cm (I'm not sure if that's the expression for that), it became 'algaetic' and brown. I know there's a chance it'll get better, but I don't have enough time to wait because of the contest.

Then, that's all.
Re: 85L ryuboku

Vito said:
Welcome to the forum mate, the layout looks nice all the best in the HAC!
Thank you very much, Vito!
Re: 85L ryuboku

Here's some of my new pictures:


The Ada amazonia and the Orinoco brightsand are a little mixed at the front, I'll fix that. The new plants're going to arriwe Wednesday, I'm looking forward to get them.
Re: 85L ryuboku

I've made some close-up shots recently. The HAC's annuncation of results is going to be on the 7. of December, until then I won't show you any full-shots.

Amano shrimp.





Oto thought he could hide from me, but he couldn't. :twisted:

And an other Oto.
AdAndrews said:
Great pictures
Thanks AdAndrews! :)
AdAndrews said:
love the tank too :D
In fact, the tank looks much better now because some new plants arrived, (Cryptocoryne parva, Nesaea pedicellata and Ceratopteris thalictroides) I fixed the intermingled substrate, and I learned how to take better photos :)

I really would like to show the pictures of the whole tank, but I promised myself not to put them up here until the annuncation of results. :bored:
AdAndrews said:
beautiful, you have got a good vision of how things will turn out :clap:
Thanks! :)

Anyway, the result of the contest is here.
Hello again! :)
I haven't written much about my tank yet, I've just put up pictures. Now I would like to write some more about it. Plenty of things've happened until it ended up looking like this.

At first I had different conceptions at the area of plant-choosing. I wanted a carpet of HC instead of the riccia, but I hadn't succeed. After a week all of them started to go brown, to get algaes, and you could almost see through the leaves. There was a little time when it looked good, but it've only lasted a few days.


http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2653/412 ... 400c_o.jpg

Soon, I'm going to change from diffusor to reactor, and I'm going to try keeping it again (It's my favorite plant:))
In the first few weeks, I've made every amateur mistakes. No nutriet, strond lighting, too little CO2... So in a little time everything was covered with algaes.


http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2747/417 ... fc2a_o.jpg
I've fert overdose (3x), turned CO2 to 200 bpm, and reduced the lighting. I've put in an internal filter of 700lph for the benefit of ideal flow. The algaes've disappeared.

The ceratopteris've gone wild, it've overrun the whole tank.

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2642/416 ... 045e_o.jpg

A few pictures'll show you, what kinds of big changes the tank have gone through. What do you, it've changed in a good or a bad way? :)









And an other picture, that I'm proud of. :)
glenn said:
your photography is very nice, and i like the change you ahve made to the tank :thumbup:
By the way, in the first pictures the white stone is on the red moor wood just because it didn't want to sink.
Maurits said:
yep also my compliments for your pics.
Thank you, Maurits!