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Richard Swales

14 May 2017
Hi Everyone!

I am Richard a 23 year old tropical fish keeper from up north (West Yorkshire) and I have kept fish for around 3 years now.

I started out with two fancy goldfish and quickly turned my attention to tropical and planted tanks, and I now run a 72 litre planted tank with the hopes of setting up a nano shrimp tank in the near future (if my partner lets me have another tank set up).

I have kept plants in the aquarium since I started really but more recently have started to properly research and really plan my aquarium around the aesthetics of the plants and hard-scape, which has lead me to delve into the world of Iwagumi!

I am currently transforming my 72 litre into an Sanzon-Iwagumi and going through the process of finding materials to make it possible.

I just bought a new External Ehiem Ecco Pro 130 and have a Aquael Leddy Slim plant on the way to upgrade my equipment.

I have some ADA Amazonia on the way too and so just need to find the hard scape materials and plants (I am thinking Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba') and I am ready to go!

I might be posting to ask for a few tips along the way and I will post my updates as I go.

Wish me luck!

Welcome to ukaps. I'M totally agreed whit Tim Harrison about starting a journal of your project. It really helps to find answers to your questions you've gader when starting whit this project.

Good luck and succes

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