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Aaron's 216l journal!


19 Feb 2008
worksop, nottinghamshire
So onto the next tank :D ...


216litre/ 60gallon
120 x 40 x 45

2 x 54w T5
6hrs for first six weeks, then raise to 8-10hrs after
Sylvania 865 & Osram skywhite 860 (from Lampspecs )

Filtration & powerhead
tetratec EX1200 (1200l/ph)
still deciding on inlet/ outlet.
Powerhead - Sunsun circulation pump (3200l/ph)

combined l/ph = 4300l/ph
combined turnover = 18x

2kg pressurized system
drop checker
Boyu Inline diffuser

Hydor ETH 300w

Fertilisation/ Nutrients
18g KNO3 > 250ml
5g KH2PO4 > 250ml
these 2 will go into 1 bottle to total 500ml, then i will dose 40ml x3 per week.

23g CSM+B > 500ml
Again, 40ml of trace will be dosed 3x per week.

dose on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. With a water change on Sunday

2 x 50% water change weekly for first month
cut down to 1 x 50% a week thereafter

Manzanita Driftwood
See this thread for more details on where i got my wood.
Also, Tom Barr is sending a load of wood to the UK, see this thread for more details on that.

10L of JBL aquabasis, capped with 18L of ADA Aquasoil "Malaya"

With thanks to the following members for providing me with equipment:
Thomas Mcmillan, Forest, Colin3107
and to Tonser for providing the link to the Manzanita ;)

Some pictures to come tommorrow, Thanks for looking!
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

have been waiting for this a while now :D .will be interested how the sunsun works out.have you tried it yet :?: .
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

On my list i have JBL, and colombo flora grow - i am seeing if Luke will post a pic of the substrate then i will decide as i want similar colours if possible.

I havent tried it yet Nelson, it could of gone in my cichlid tank but i couldnt be bothered :rolleyes:


cant be without these!




External Heater
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

Is the powerhead a cheaper version of a Hydor, Aaron? They look very similar.

Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

ooo nice wood aaron. your going to be pulling your hair out questioning whether its right or wrong arrangement.

that powerhead looks just like a korolia
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

jay said:
Oh this'll be good :)
What regulator is that?

It is from Aquatic Magic on Ebay.

EDIT: i think i am going to go with 2 ADA Malaya. the price for one bag & postage comes to £43 (TGM) then adding 2 x 5L JBL's is another £30 so it still comes to £70 :rolleyes:

2 bags of ADA is £68 because i get free postage.

Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

This is gonna be good. No pressure! :lol:

I like the fact that it's going to be jungle, great style choice!

Can I ask where you got the wood from and what wood it is?
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

Thomas McMillan said:
This is gonna be good. No pressure! :lol:

I like the fact that it's going to be jungle, great style choice!

Can I ask where you got the wood from and what wood it is?

Thanks lol.
The wood is Manzanita, Check out this thread HERE for information on where i got mine from.
However, Tom is shipping a load over so it might be cheaper as the members on here are splitting the postage, see this thread for more details and put you name down :)

EDIT: Ps, 2 x bags of Aquasoil, ordered :)
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

I used nearly two bags on a 54l, you'll find yourself wishing you'd bought ten. ;)
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

18l doesn't seem that much for a 240l tank... You'll need quite a bit of whatever you choose to fill it out with.
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

Looking very promising. My new tank's been delayed again, so I'll get to check out your "Manzanita Use" before I tackle mine


i am still going to buy a cheap bag of something else to bulk it out, perhaphs a 7L bag of akadama - you cant go far wrong at £10 :rolleyes:

Going to Maidenhead today to order the tank. :D