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ADA entry 2009 - Forward Motion

nico said:
Do you mean that ADA found out that you posted this picture on this forum and complained about it?

anyways , there is still the 2nd picture :D ;)

i could not develop so much my thinking in my last comment (it was hard to see the keybord with all the tears in my eyes ;) )

the use of the wood is really original , very natural , in the choice of the pieces and the disposition , that is the first thing that kept my attention , it doesn't look like anything i've seen before ....and i really like it the way wood "moves" in the plantation is simply great , it doesn't seem complicated or over thought (yet i am sure it is ... :D ;) ) , and i think that the natural look really comes from this , from it's "simpliciy" (and i use " " ;) ).

As for the plantation , it is really perfect , matches perfectly the lay-out , many interesting points there too , especially in the mid-ground where i like a lot the use of the microsorum (in the right part under the wood) , it integrates perfectly the hardscape in the scene , the use of crypts is great too!!! (could you specify what varieties you used here?) , fore ground in eleocharis matches perfectly with the hardscape too , and i like how the wood on the foreground appears out from it ...here again very natural :thumbup: also very good choice of plant for the background , here again very simple and exactly in the "ambiance" of the scene .

As for the fishes , i like those ones (even though mine always swim on the top of the tank and give me a hard time for the pictures) , maybe that a few more fishes could have been added , a very small school that would swim in the lower part ....but i am not even sure it is necessary after all ... ;)

anyways , i think you get that i really like this tank , as for the ada contest i think that it deserves a good place ....even better than 90th from the other tanks pictures i have seen in the top 100 here and there , still the place doesn't do the quality of the tank , this one is great :thumbup: :D


hey nico, thanks very much for your critique I appreciate it, I was away for a few days, life has been busy, so I am sorry for the delayed reply.

As regards the email from ADA, I hope they weren't complaining!! :D as far as I know ADA have sent the email to the top 127 ranked entries, last year you recieved the same worded message with your posted result, it was included in the letter you recieved with your competition ranking result, so this year they just emailed it instead. Although they have emailed it a good bit later then the result announcement on the 11th aug, they sent me the email on the 19th aug. Its no big deal really not when you come in 90th position anyhow I'm sure.

The tank was always going to be a low light tank thats what I had in mind when I set it up. Around this time I was working long hours so I could not afford the time to upkeep a highlight high maintainence tank that would not have worked for me at that time. so the planting had to be relatively easy with low maintainence. I just picked plants that have done well for me in the past in similar setups and didn't require much work, I knew I wanted a wild look so I planted with that in mind. I didnt really have the time to experiment with new plants in this layout, so I kept it pretty simple (keep it simple stoopid, thats me :thumbup: )

The crypts are just easy crypts, crypt parva, crypt wendtii green and brown, they never grow large in my tanks. My water is very soft < 1dkh so crypts dont really thrive so I stick to the easy ones normally.

The wood for the hardscape I collected in the countryside over here, it was chosen from a store of wood I have collected over the past 2 years. The hardscape I worked out over a couple of days when the tank was dry, I always had in mind the idea of trying to capture the feeling of motion. There is another aquascape that I had worked on previously which is where I got the inspiration for the hardscape for this one, the other aquascape was never finished :? so I didn't post it up obviously, but I might try it again and finish it this time :)

Thanks for your input nico, look forward to your scapes as well, always good ;)

ps thanks George :D