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ADA Light screen

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They are positioned on all sides around the edges
Thanks. Might be a bit more difficult then as the lightstrip doesn't do 90 degree corners very well :( I might try a single side or 3 sides and see what it looks like
OK when is the first DIY version coming out? I think I might consider doing one up for my 60x45x45. Should be simpleish with a RGB led strip.
OK when is the first DIY version coming out? I think I might consider doing one up for my 60x45x45. Should be simpleish with a RGB led strip.

Yep I agree, small bit of frosted acrylic, led and done, it may just not be as nice form factor. :)

I really like the frosted backgrounds on plantsd tanks.
I found some tape like LED strings that might work.

For example

LED Neon Rope SMD 2835 DC12V 24V Flex 120LEDs/m Waterproof 8*16Neon strip bar light 1m 5m 20m 50m 100m indoor outdoor decoration
http://s.aliexpress.com/aq2E3yuU?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard
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The Led Light Sheet looks fantastic but now ask for a quote with IP67 rating, RGB and controller :D
LED Light sheet FTW! IT would be amazing to have a colour changing background although I suspect I would just use 6500K most of the time.
What realy surpises me is that ADA as the nature aquarium ambasador rather shows it up side down.. And it defies natural laws.. :) In nature light in water always comes from above isn't it? Thus if it penetrates water the surface should be brighter and darken in color deeper down. The screen should be printed like this..

Or is that for the diorama scapes resambling a mountain scenery with ablue sky and the fish featuring as odd little flying creatures?

How about a samsung 32 inch LED monitor (50x73 cm) stuck behind it (229 euro)
and this:

This wont take that long anymore, Flexible Display Technology is developing rapidly.. In a few years we can expect Digital display window film.. :)
A new future feature for the Felix Smart Aqurium controler..
Good point about the light coming from above. The traditional aquasky lights did cast that type of shadow although the transition was sudden. Not sure what the ada solar rgb casts.
My input in this is that its easy to diy @Planty shared a nice acrylic diffuser cut to your size but to join them together i suggest you use something like this.


The acrylic is 3mm so two sheets of it would be 6mm you have 10mm space to work with. After that you are left with 4mm . Use some this like this which is 4mm narrow strip.

4mm Narrow Width DC12V LED Strip 2835 120led/m 5 Meters Flexible Strip Light White,Warm white,Blue,Green,Red No Waterproof Strip

The problem comes when you want to hang the thing. If any one has a suggestion how to hang it please do share.

That’s what I was thinking. Yes, asked for IP67 and dimmer. Asked for a 30cm, 60cm and 90cm version. I’ll let you know when I get the quote back. I have a friend that could 3D print something to hang it with, though I was looking at the hooks option too. You could feed the hook through one of the many gaps in the LED screen.
Led Ip67? And what do you mean when you get a quote back for?

The LED light sheet company. I’ve asked them to tell me how much each sheet would cost for a ready made LED sheet in the specific sizes I want. They offer IP67 versions. IP67 which means that they are fully protected from dust (6) and can also withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 mins (7)
Oki let us know how much is cost because by the looks of it you can actually do a diy under 60 quid by my calculations. My tank is 100 x 40 cm. I wont build this now but once i have time next year i will built one for my tank
The problem comes when you want to hang the thing. If any one has a suggestion how to hang it please do share.

I assume you have a circular table saw to cut the acrylic sheets..

After the diy lightbox/screen is essambled and the pvc U channel is 12mm + 2 x 3 mm sheet = 18mm. Add the tanks glass thicknes ? 6mm
= 24mm

Take a 90° pvc corner profile 25x25mm or one that is off set 1 side should be 24mm at least the other side shorter 25mm x 10 mm corner profile if available. If not use the the saw to cut it to correct size and make it 25x10.. Or if you can get that size take 30x30mm corner profile and cut the legs to size. :)

Glue, or even beter screw this profile to the light box top. You can make this profile the same lenght as the box or make it 3 shorter pieces 1 at each corner and 1 in the centre.


Hang it to the tanks backpanel..