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'All In One' dosing solution


I need to ratio up the 500 ml mixture that you give in your all in one to 2000 ml, this is so my dosing pump can handle it, I don't have a to the second timer. Basically I will be diluting the solution with RO water. What I need to know is do I have to ratio up the 0.4g E300 Ascorbic Acid and 0.2g E202 Potassium Sorbate that you put into the 500ml solution?
The solutions I made have a certain ppm that I know works for these additives. If you are diluting the solution down then the ppm is going to be less. If you are going to keep the trace and macro amounts the same but add 2000ml water rather than 500ml then I'd be inclined to at least double the amounts of the two additives and see how it goes. If however you are just multiplying up the amounts by 4 then you will have to use 4x the amount of additives as well.

Hope that makes sense

It's just a straight dilution, I'm not multiplying anything up. My dosing pump does about 55 ml a minute, and my timer is only to the minute (be very grateful if someone can find a plug in timer that is seconds accurate), so for a 15ml dose from a 500ml mixed bottle, I need to dilute that 500ml bottle with 1366ml (but I make it 1500ml to round off to 2 litres in all) to ratio it up for the dosing. I ask because we want to maintain a pH of 6 and the correct use of the mould inhibitor. If I dilute up I will forfeit the pH will I not since pH scale is logarithmic, so I still have to maintain scale for ascorbic acid, is that correct since we still have to make the pH 6 in the diluted solution?
As long as it stays acidic you should be OK. If it were me I'd just double the amount of the 2 additives and see how it goes. The amounts are so small anyway as not to be of any concern.

It's all a bit of trial and error. I know that the amounts that I use seem to work fine but it is possible that it would work with less, but the amounts are pretty small so I don't worry about it.