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Another DIY cabinet!


23 May 2013
Can't believe it. Thought I would document building a fairly simple cabinet and I've been beaten to it.
Anyway, I've taken the pics so I'll put it up anyway.

Ok. MDF construction. MDF is a very good product. Granted, if you want a real wood finish it's not too good but you can get a very good durable finish using acrylic paint in a fairly quick time. It's quite strong though it MUST be sealed if there is any chance of moisture ingress. You can get good moulded routed edges if you are prepared to do a bit of sanding and sealing.

So, 5 pieces of cut MDF. The bottom piece is to stand it on as I work.
IMG_4981 by threequartersky, on Flickr

This is a plunge action track saw. The greatest invention in the history of the world if you need to cut boards. It does what it says...you lay the track on the board, the saw on the track and cut. Brilliant!
IMG_4983 by threequartersky, on Flickr

I'm using a biscuit joiner to join the boards. It cuts slots which you then fill with glue and a beech wood "biscuit" which swells as it glues. Very quick and very strong.
IMG_4982 by threequartersky, on Flickr

Routing the back edge of the boards to take the back panel.
IMG_4984 by threequartersky, on Flickr

IMG_4985 by threequartersky, on Flickr

IMG_4986 by threequartersky, on Flickr

IMG_4987 by threequartersky, on Flickr

Back panel.
IMG_4988 by threequartersky, on Flickr

IMG_4989 by threequartersky, on Flickr

Plenty of sanding.
IMG_4993 by threequartersky, on Flickr

6 coats of graphite paint.
IMG_4995 by threequartersky, on Flickr

I shall continue with the doors soon.
Nicely done, biscuit jointers are handy bits of kit!

The track saws are great if you need the portability, but I find radial arm saws so much more versatile, although needing to use a rollerstand for longer work can be a pain.
I'm in a long term relationship with a Dewalt Radial that I think is older than me.....
Just standard acrylic. The primer raises the "grain" a bit and oil based is better but it's soon sorted with a bit of sanding. It's an "eggshell" finish, about £25 a tin, though. Robbing gits....
All put on with a small roller.
Doors done today, cut to size with the tracksaw, hinge cutter used to bore the holes for the hinges as follows.....
I set them in leaving a gap of 4mm between the edge of the hinge hole and the edge of the board. It's not crucial as there is some movement allowed in the hinges.

Holes cut with this
IMG_5006 by threequartersky, on Flickr

IMG_5004 by threequartersky, on Flickr

Then lined up with the cabinet
IMG_5000 by threequartersky, on Flickr

Theses are clip on hinges so they can be easily dismounted
IMG_5002 by threequartersky, on Flickr

Doors painted then clipped back together
IMG_5008 by threequartersky, on Flickr

Then apart from some knobs that's it
IMG_5010 by threequartersky, on Flickr