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Anyone have land Hermits?? - Advice, help and info please

Mr Bee

14 Aug 2008
Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Hi, I've been thinking about a land hermit crab setup (a crabitat!) but could do with some info first. I read they are sociable and don't like tone alone, but how many do you need for them to be happy, is there a minimum number to create a happy hermit population?

Given this, what size tank do you need for hermits? and what would I need for an initial setup: what substrate, heating, lighting, food etc. is required?

mr. luke

7 Dec 2008
The bigger the tank the better ;)
one that could comfortably house 5 crabs at a minimum would be my advice.
make sure you have at least twice the ammount of shells as crabs else they fight over shells.
also, change them every now and then, so for 5 you would maybe need 20 shells, just so they have a nice selection.
I wouldnt buy one of those crabworks tanks, they are tiny!
depending on what species id say a 2footer would be a good size for a few of a smaller sort.
Id use hikari crab quisine and some greens, like lettuce, spinach, tomato (i know, not green :p)etc
for substrae, your choice of sand or gravel realy, but sand would be best as they like to dig to a certain extent, and make it at least twice as deep as your largest hermit preferably. ive also seen them kept on coco bark but that can harbour germs.
heating can be done with a heat mat or lamp, but the mat would be better and easy to regulate, just stick it to the back of your tank and sit a thermostat in the tank ;)
Lighting is not required, but if you want lighting id go for a fairly dim white t8 light.
Feel free to ask more qquestions :)
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